Esto es de Bibiana.

On an email tonight, a friend said that for the first film SDSU showed on
their film fest, they had only a homeless woman in attendance, followed by a
'...thank goodness, it picked up after that. But, hey, poverty deserves
culture, too", like if we were all rich, imagine that!!! I thought about the
time when the Medici' family had a great fortune and started to suport
artists as their proteg├ęs: all the 'ninja turtles' clan: Michael Angelo,
Donatello, Rafaello, Da Vinci and some others florentinian artists. I would
like to afirm that that was the time, but then again, renaissance and my
artwork are like what my mom told me once: "...your outfit is not proper for
this conversation". So just leave it that size.

"Mexicali is the world's host" is how the ads end now that Pavarotti will be
performing this saturday in Mexicali. My repressed-punk-spirit thought the
city will be for us. Everyone will be there, they are going to the "opera"
eventhough they don't now that it won't be an opera, only arias. They don't
know the meaning of 'soprano' or 'tenor' and they don't really care since
it's only art advertised as the "century's event" and theyhavetobethere.
World figures, drug dealers with their pushers, local high society with
their kids and their nannies, midle and upper middle class whose kids are in
the choirs, poor people who deserves culture and paid 10 bucks, all together
to be part of this 'magno evento'. My godfather will be too busy cleaning
his kitchen since Luci's comming to cook (yes, he cooks his own food; not
for nothing he's heavy). Thieves would be breaking houses to empty them,
some others would just find something that they can rapidly sell to get
heroin to survive. Me and my spirit? we will just take the city -don't ask
me how.